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Name Ammonium Lignosulphonate

Categories: Ammonium Lignosulphonate
Model:Ammonium lignosulphonate
Comments:Alternative name: ammonium lignosulphonate, ammonium lignosulfonate, ammonium lignin sulfonate, MA
CAS No.: 8061-53-8
Alternative name: ammonium lignosulphonate, ammonium lignosulfonate, ammonium lignin sulfonate, MA
Appearance: Yellow Brown Power
Brief Introduction:
Ammonium lignosulphonate dry powder has very strong adhesive, good water soluble and surface activation. It’s unite production made, its appearance looks orange small dry powder generally. It’s most popular water reducer.
Main Performance:
Ammonium lignosulphonate are widely used in various industries concrete admixture, swater-coal paste additives, ceramic additives, refractory additives, feed additives, water reducer, leather additives, fertilizer additives and pesticides dispersant, etc.
Packing: Packed in plastic film bag wrapped with plastic woven sack with a net weight of 25kg each.
Storage: Kept in dry and ventilating place, prevent from rain and moisture when storage; if agglomerated, please crush and make it into solution, and its effect will be the same.