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Name Sodium Ligno Sulfonate

Categories: Sodium Ligno Sulfonate
Model:sodium ligno sulfonate MN-1, MN-2, MN-3, MG, MG-1, MG-2, MG-3, SLS, CLS, MM-3, MR,
Comments:sodium ligno is used in prilling of concrete admixture, suspending agent, dispersant, bulking agent,stabilizing agent,feedstuff£¬Agriculture,Construction, Textile, Ceramic, Leather, Dyestuff and other industry grade
a.Slushing Agent For Concrete: have adsorption and dispersion effect for cement, can improve the concrete various physical
properties,then reduce water more than 13%.
b. Coal water slurry additive:In the preparation of coal-water slurry process to join this product ,Can make the coal-water
slurry viscosity reducing and reaches a certain stability and liquidity.
c. Refractory materials and ceramic body enhancer.
d. Dye industry and pesticide processing of filling agent and dispersant.
e. In the drilling as dilution dispersing agent, viscosity agent.
f. In petroleum products, as a clean agent, dispersing agent, high alkaline additives, anti-rust
agent, antistatic agent, emulsifying viscosity agent and elimination wax paraffin inhibitor, etc.