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To determine the water method

(1) through a large number of experimental data analysis, the accumulation of a large amount of test data to accurately judge.

(2) through the field to take the material, the first pre-production trial with a small capacity (1 ~ 2L) to confirm the water.

(3) multi-sampling, to do more to identify and confirm the opening adjustment.

(4) to do before the start of the first car, the first set of sampling material must be detected.

(5) The first car attendant to the construction site to confirm the slump and workability, etc., timely feedback by telephone, video and other micro-channel to the production control personnel. Maintain timely communication with the site construction personnel to ensure that fluctuations in quality.

(6) All information must be prepared in advance, usually in the morning before the night shift staff started early summary of all materials, production, construction site information to form a unified team meeting to discuss. Confirm the adjustment and water mix and avoids a lot of details.