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Concrete curing Notes

1, concrete pouring has been completed
① summer: the initial setting (usually two hours) after plastic film, straw, corn stalks and other cover, the final setting (usually no more than five hours) must be timely after "pay" conservation.
② winter: after the initial setting must be used straw, corn stalks or other objects covered Insulate or add antifreeze dry strength agents.
③ late fall early spring: always pay attention to weather changes, to take decisive insulation measures.
2, concrete curing time of not less than seven days.
3, concrete form removal: slab span less than 6 meters, the intensity must be above 70% (ie more than 7 days); the span of more than 6 m strength required to achieve 100% (including cantilever structure), the column should reach more than 50 percent. If the stencil removal urgently needed in advance, we must take strong measures to drought.