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Sodium gluconate used as water quality stabilizer

Because sodium gluconate has excellent corrosion and scale effect, it is widely used in water stabilizer, such as the petrochemical business cycle cooling water system, low pressure boiler, engine cooling water system treatment chemicals. Because it has the following specific advantages: ⑴ obvious coordination effect. Suitable for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite formula, since coordination Effect, inhibition effect of greatly increased. ⑵ corrosion rate increased with increasing temperature. General corrosion inhibition efficiency increases with increasing temperature drop, or even completely useless. But sodium gluconate contrary, inhibition rate within a certain range with increasing temperature increase, for example, carbon steel and other materials of the test, the temperature from 77 ℃ F to rise to 120 ℃ F, which buffer the average rate increased by 5% the above. So this strange feature of sodium gluconate, for higher temperature system or change from low to high temperature systems, is ideal to use as a corrosion inhibitor. ⑶ scale capability: calcium, magnesium, iron has a strong complexing ability, so the scale are strong, especially for Fe3 + has excellent chelation, even in the full scope of the role of internal PH. ⑷ off pollution. Using sodium gluconate as circulating cooling water corrosion inhibitors, to reach off pollution, which is an advantage other corrosion inhibitor currently used can not be compared.